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Latest opportunities
Unnamed Standard Submissions
Updated 12 Jan 2021
Accepting submissions of Novellas Novels and Short Stories

Please look at our catalog to determine whether working with us would be a suitable match, both for your book and you!

Queries and submissions can be addressed to info @ unnamedpress DOT com. Due to the extremely high volume of submissions we receive, we cannot confirm receipt of every query. If we are interested we will contact you directly.

What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For novels / novellas :
Entire manuscript
For short stories:
No restrictions

Mobius 2021 Blog
Updated 08 Jan 2021
Accepting submissions of Articles

Mobius is a PR, marketing and distribution agency specialising in the arts with a specialism in theatre and dance. Well-regarded for our specialist knowledge and understanding of the sector, our blog, which sits within our website Is a hub for those working in the performing arts, hosting a mixture of opinion, advice, Interviews and first-person narrative. Articles are written by journalists, artists and other industry experts. 

We are seeking proposals for articles of approximately 600-800 words on a topic of interest to those working in the performing arts. It's an open brief and we're keen to hear ideas for new posts to be published in 2021. To be considered, please submit a synopsis of around 100 words setting out what you would write about and say briefly why it would appeal to our readers. 

We will pay £100 for any articles we commission and promote the published piece on our social media channels.

Here are some examples of the kinds of posts we've published In the past: 



What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For articles:
1 article between 100 and 1000 words

Fledgling Press Submissions
Added 29 Dec 2020
Accepting submissions of Novels

Authors are asked to send in a sample – the first 3 chapters and a one page synopsis of your book, by email only. We do not accept paper submissions or previously self-published work and these will be disposed of unread. No returns.

Please note we do not publish poetry, novellas, fantasy novels, and we no longer publish children's picture books.

We aim to read initial submissions within 6 weeks of receiving them. If we like what we see, we will then ask to read your full manuscript. After reading your manuscript we will decide whether we will consider the manuscript for publication.

Should we decide not to take your manuscript any further we will always try to provide constructive feedback although we can't always give you detailed reasons for our decisions. All decisions are final and no further correspondence will be entered into after this stage.

If we do wish to proceed with your work we will discuss fully our plans and timescales fully with you and at that point offer you a contract to publish.

Please be aware that agreeing to read your initial submission or the full manuscript does not constitute an offer to publish.

You can view a selection of the books we publish by visiting our online bookshop. If you wish to purchase one of our titles we are happy to offer you a new visitor discount using code WRITER150 at checkout.

What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For novels :
3 chapters

Ghost City Review
Added 11 Dec 2020
Accepting submissions of Articles Poetry and Short Stories

Ghost City Review welcomes submissions of poems, short stories, flash fiction, personal essays, adventure narratives, journal entries, short plays, monologues, translations, photographs, oil paintings, watercolors, sculptures, dioramas…. pretty much anything you can think of. We want to see it all. Show us what you’ve created.

We’re looking for new work from both emerging and established authors and artists. To get an idea of what kind of work we tend to publish, look through our previous volumes and decide whether your work would be a good fit. We do not believe in silent rejections, so you're sure to receive a response to all submissions. Our response time is around 1 - 3 months, but we usually get to the submissions sooner. If you don't hear from us within 3 months, please feel free to reach out to us at 


Ghost City acquires first publication rights, but you, the writer, still own your work. What this means is that we hold the publication rights for 30 days after you work is posted online. After 30 days, you are free to publish and submit your work elsewhere. We kindly ask for acknowledgment for subsequent reprints of your work.


Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide payment for publication in Ghost City Review. One of our long term goals is to reach that point. 


  • We DO NOT accept any work that has been previously published in a literary & arts journal or on an online blog. This does not include your personal blogs and social media sites, however, we do ask that you take the work down before you submit it to us for consideration.

  • We do accept simultaneous submissions. We even encourage them and wish you luck in getting your work published, but please notify our editors of this when submitting. Also be sure to immediately notify us if your work has been accepted elsewhere.

  • We do ask that you limit your submissions to three pieces per submission. If you wish, these can be works from three different mediums (i.e., a poem, a short story, and a watercolor painting).

  • Ghost City Review runs on a rolling submissions schedule, so feel free to submit your work at any time. We usually cut off submissions several weeks before the release of each issue. Anything not sent in time will be considered for the following month's issue.

  • Please include a short bio with your submission. There is no need for a formal cover letter, just a simple "hello friends!" will suffice.

What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For articles:
Up to 3 articles no more than 2000 words each
For poetry:
Up to 3 poems
For short stories:
Up to 3 stories no more than 2000 words each

General Submissions
Updated 29 Nov 2020
Accepting submissions of Articles Poetry and Short Stories

Outcast looks for literary works that challenge the norm and break boundaries. We want thoughtful, inspiring and daring queer work.

Outcast publishes LGBTQ+ folk and anyone interested in queer literature and art. We enjoy cross-genre, intersectional, marginal and transgressive work.

Send in 1 original and unpublished story of upto 5000 words as a Word document to with the subject [Prose Submission].

Send in up to 5 poems, no limit on the word/line count as one Word document to with the subject [Poetry Submission].

Works in this column cover anything about queer lives and queer existence. If you have a personal experience you’re writing about, this column is the right place for it.
Send in 1 piece to with the subject [Personals Submission].

Works in this column cover interviews, articles, blog pieces, opinions and much more.
Send in 1 piece to with the subject [Non-Fiction Submission].

Important Notes

  • Please ensure that all submissions are your own original and unpublished work.
  • Send only one submission at a time. Wait until you receive our decision before sending in another piece.
  • Please ONLY submit your work in Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx) documents attached with the email. We will NOT consider submissions sent in any other format. Please also include the submission title and author’s name in the filename.
  • Our response time can be up to 3 months.
  • Outcast Magazine is open to simultaneous submissions, but please let us know immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • *We’ve use queer as a cover-all term throughout this page for people from LGBT community.

Payment Policy

We are not able to pay our contributors at this time but hope to do so in the future.
However, we do hold exclusive competitions and have special issues where contributors are paid for their pieces.


We respect that some of our writers may not wish to share their works under their own names. In this case, we welcome you to submit your work under a pen name.
Outcast takes the security and privacy of our writers very seriously.

Author Rights

All rights reside with the author(s) of Outcast Magazine content unless otherwise specified. Outcast Magazine requires non-exclusive permission to disseminate and make the material available. Author(s) are responsible for clearing any rights prior to submitting materials. Should the author(s) decide to publish a piece elsewhere at some future date, they are required to notify us at, and indicate that the material was initially published in Outcast Magazine, and in which issue.

What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For articles:
No restrictions
For poetry:
Up to 5 poems
For short stories:
Up to 1 story