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Latest opportunities
Gollancz Unagented Submissions
Added 01 Jun 2022
Accepting submissions of Novels

Are you writing a Fantastical Fae Fantasy? Sitting on a Science Fiction Spectacular? What about a Hair-raising Horror? We want to hear from YOU!

We are pleased to announce that we will be accepting unagented submissions between 1st June 2022, (00:00 BST) until 30th June 2022, (23:59 BST).

Here at Gollancz, we specialise in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror novels. Our titles include Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher series, Joe Hill’s NOS4A2, Brandon Sanderson’s The Mistborn Trilogy, Kristin Cashore’s Graceling Realm, and many more. Take a look through our titles to get a better understanding of what types of stories we publish. We love everything fantastical: from vampires and werewolves, to alien invasions, to paranormal romance!



 Who can send a submission?

Anyone with a completed story that does not have representation within a literary agency and has not previously been published in the UK. In addition to this we are actively looking for submissions from writers from underrepresented backgrounds. This includes writers of any race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, class, and physical ability.

 What do I send?

Please include in an email to

  • Your full-length book attached as a .pdf or Word .doc/ .docx
  • Up to a 1,000 word synopsis in the body of the email, including what genre  your story falls within (feel free to refer to currently published titles too).
  • 100 words about yourself in the body of the email.
  • Your email address.

Should you have any further queries please contact us at

That’s it! Good luck – we look forward to reading your work!

Due to the volume of submissions we receive during our open periods, please allow us up to 9 months from 30th June to respond to you. If you’ve received a confirmation email, your work has been received and there is no need to contact us to check. Please do not send your work until you feel it is ready to be read. We will not be accepting ‘updated’ versions of the same work once submitted.

Closes 6 hours from now
What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For novels :
Entire manuscript

Dread Space
Added 01 Apr 2022
Accepting submissions of Short Stories
  • This Anthology is open for submissions until full. (16/25 Slots Full, UPDATED 3/30/22)
  • All stories must be less than 1,000 words in length. No more.
  • All stories must be dark military sci-fi in some way. You can interpret the theme in any way you wish but your story must be dark and involve military sci-fi in some meaningful way.
  • The stories will be collected into an anthology, published in Ebook and Print on Demand, and sold online in those formats indefinitely.
  • Rights: We are asking for non-exclusive first rights for original fiction and non-exclusive reprint rights for reprints. There is no exclusivity period for original fiction, your rights are are yours upon publication to reprint anywhere you choose. We are only asking for the rights necessary to publish the story in the anthology: print (paperback and hardcover) and digital formats, nothing more.
  • Compensation: .01 per word for original fiction, half that for reprints, and all authors will receive a digital copy of the ebook prior to publication.
  • We are looking for stories by authors from anywhere in the world.
  • There will be a simple contract that outlines the permissions you’re granting to publish your story.
  • Reprints and simultaneously submitted work is acceptable and very much welcomed. Each author can submit up to three stories and we are selecting more than one per author if we believe the stories are strong enough and conform well to the theme.
  • Submit each story with the subject line “Dread Space Submission: [Story Title] – [Author Name]” to Send stories attached as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf. If submitting more than one story send each in a separate email. Please include a bio in third person of no more than 20 words.
  • Please state in your email if the submission is original or a reprint and where it was originally published.
  • This anthology is a celebration of dark military sci-fi stories and flash fiction. It’s a showcase to you, the author, and what you’re capable of accomplishing with such few words. Links in your bios are welcome and we look to promote you through this project.
In genres:
What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For short stories:
Up to 1 story no more than 1000 words

Updated 24 Jan 2022
Accepting submissions of Poetry and Short Stories

Work We Need

Fantasy (of course); this can be in the form of: magical realism, witches, wizards, swords & sorcery, horror-fantasy, other worlds in some far away places or worlds that collide with ours that live just out of sight. Anything you can think of in the realms of fantasy. We accept YA and adult style fantasy – and by adult we mean age not sexual content, though we do accept this within reasonable boundaries.

Work We Dont Need

Apologies, no Sci-Fi or Fanfiction. No children's. No work that includes and/or pertains to any form of discrimination that we feel is just out-right bigotry. If you wish to include such themes because they are integral to the work; i.e. it is a reflection of how society is, this will be considered. However, if we feel you are trying to justify discrimination then it is a no-go.


We accept flash fiction of up to 1000 words and short stories of up to 3000 words. Send up to two pieces for flash and one piece for short.


We accept up to three poems within one document on separate pages. Ideally no more than 30 lines. However, if you wish to submit lengthier work, contact us to discuss beforehand.


As we are an entirely volunteer run magazine, we do not charge fees for reading and currently don't offer payment for publications – we started Noctivagant Press for our love of writing, creativity and of course, fantasy; we want to give people the opportunity to freely share their work and become published writers. We accept work from all writers – published or unpublished, and accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know as soon as possible if your work is accepted elsewhere. All work will be proofread and checked/edited for any grammatical errors before being published, and we may suggest content edits. All work will remain the sole property of the corresponding contributor.

If your work has previously been published, please do let us know so that we can give credit where it's due – the responsibility remains with you to secure these rights before submitting to us.

If your work is published by us and you would like to republish elsewhere, then please give us credit.

What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For poetry:
Up to 3 poems
For short stories:
no more than 3000 words each

General Submissions
Updated 06 Dec 2021
Accepting submissions of Articles Poetry and Short Stories

Loud Coffee Press is a quarterly literary journal. Please carefully read all guidelines. Submissions that do not adhere to guidelines will not be accepted.

***The most important information we can share is that work submitted to Loud Coffee Press does not have to be about coffee or music! We publish all genres of flash fiction, poetry, and art, but each of our published pieces contain some hint(s) of coffee and/or music.***

We are currently OPEN to flash fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and art submissions.

Submissions do not have to be about coffee or music; they must only contain one or both of these elements in some form (how much or how little is up to you). We are not interested in works based on current events. We view Loud Coffee Press as an escape from the 24-hour news cycle, so we tend to pass over submissions related to the news of the day.

When considering coffee, for example, think about characters drinking, making, or buying coffee. Coffee can be a smell. The setting can be a cafe. Be creative. Coffee can be a major or the most minor of elements. Or, music is present in some way, whether it's playing on a radio, or in the background, or the characters are discussing music. The birds are singing. Again, points for creativity. Please do not violate copyright laws when incorporating music. We don't like that kind of thing here. Every other part of your story is up to you.

  • Flash fiction submissions can be two sizes: our single-shots runs from 99 to 250 words. Double shots are anywhere from 250 to 1000 words. We love to see what you can do on the shorter end of the word count. We seek stories that have the three important elements of flash: emotion, the turn (or the twist) and resonance. We look for a compressed arc in a narrow space.

  • **NEW** Creative non-fiction submissions: we will consider anything between 99 and 1000 words that does not violate the rights of another human being, group, or organization. Be sure to let us know your submission falls in this category.

  • Poetry submissions must include reference to coffee and/or music but do not necessarily need to contain both. Please limit poetry to no more than three (3) poems.


If we publish your work, we require first electronic rights and nonexclusive right to display, copy, publish, distribute, transmit and sell digital reproductions; we may include your story in our archived material and social media.


We are a non-paying journal, but you will earn our immense gratitude, virtual cheers, and rock fingers.

What you'll need to send:
For articles:
between 99 and 1000 words each
For poetry:
Up to 3 poems
For short stories:
Up to 1 story between 99 and 1000 words

General Submissions
Added 18 Oct 2021
Accepting submissions of Poetry

Publication dates are early in the months of February, May, August and November, more or less (but for no particular reason) coinciding with the festivals of Imbolc, Beltane, Lugnasadh and Samhain.

The magazine does not operate a submissions window – we welcome at any time offers of up to six original & unpublished poems written in English from anyone. Accepted poems that ‘miss’ a given issue of the magazine are simply rolled on for the following issue.

Space on the Contributors’ page is at a premium so, if you wish to appear there, let your included bio note be succinct but tell readers something interesting about yourself, not just list magazines you’re in.

Although hard copy submissions are acceptable, we prefer to get your poems as a Word attachment. Please use single spacing, minimal formatting and Times New Roman 12 point, avoiding frames, columns and text boxes. RTF is good. We do not knowingly accept simultaneous submissions.

If sending work by post, please include a stamped self-addressed envelope big enough to take all the poems (C5 or larger), in the absence of which expect no reply unless your poems are absoLUTEly brilliant.

Our poetic likes and dislikes: the editors tend to favour work that may be unsure of itself but is willing to explore untried creative directions. Criteria include authenticity, humanity & the attempt to take off. Predictability, dogma and wordiness will almost always be rejected.
We prefer dreams to deathbeds, and please be didactic only if you are being ironic. In our view a poem is a sharing not of an opinion but of a perception.
Since we only publish poems we like, poets would be wise to look at a recent copy of OWP before offering us their work.

In genres:
What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For poetry:
Up to 6 poems