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Latest opportunities
Bauhaus Legacies
Added 21 Oct 2020
Accepting submissions of Articles

Open throughout 2020, we are continuing to explore the legacies in the twenty-first century. We’re interested in hearing new perspectives on historical Bauhaus traditions, as well as reviews of/essays on/interviews with contemporary artists and makers who are reworking Bauhaus practices.

Word count will vary depending on the type of submission, but generally we suggest roughly 600-1000 words for reviews, articles, and interviews. 

For written creative responses, we are looking for work that directly responds to a piece of visual art or craft, or a craft technique.

The best guide to the kind of submissions we might like to receive is what we usually publish, so please take the time to familiarise yourself with previous issues before contacting us.

We generally advise submitting a proposal of around 200-300 words first, so that we can discuss your ideas before you write the piece, so that we can discuss how this will fit in to the issue as a whole. However, do feel free to submit a full piece for review.

Please note that unfortunately we are not currently in the position to pay for submissions, as the Decorating Dissidence blog generates no revenue and everyone involved with editing and managing it is donating their time for free. We are working hard to change this in the future!


Closes Thursday 31st December 2020 at 23:59
What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For articles:
Up to 1 article no more than 1000 words

Issue 5
Updated 02 Sep 2020
Accepting submissions of Poetry and Short Stories

We are looking for work that emphasises the connections between “human activity and the environment that produces it”, work that displays an “awareness of ecology and concerns over environmental disaster” (“Ecopoetics”, Poetry Foundation). We also want work that is hopeful, in spite of the ecological horrors that exist today.

Send us work that is eco-conscious and critical, work that celebrates the beauty/ bounty of nature, work that is cognisant, curious and contemplative of the relationships between humanity, modernity, cultures and the environments in which we live in or imagine ourselves to inhabit.

Submission Guidelines

  • Depending on your genre, please limit each submission to:

    • 3-5 unpublished poems (a non-English work & its English translation count as one poem submission)

    • 1 unpublished short fiction piece (up to 5,000 words) or

  • All work submitted should be accompanied by a short author bio between 50 and 100 words, and a recent author photo in jpg.

  • Do not re-submit until you hear from us. We aim to respond within 8 weeks, usually sooner.

  • Please wait a period of at least six months to submit again if your work is rejected by us. Repeat submissions that do not adhere to this guideline will no longer be read.

  • While we accept simultaneous submissions, do indicate in your email that this is a simultaneous submission, and write in to us immediately to withdraw your work once it has been accepted elsewhere.

  • Works submitted should engage with the themes of nature, culture, the environment and/ or ecology.

  • While the journal was founded to encourage the publication of and provide a platform for eco-conscious work from Singapore and the region, we will respond to the reality of the submissions we receive. We are proud to say that our contributors hail from all over the world, contributing to the diversity of voices about our earth.

  • The Tiger Moth Review is committed to create a space for minority, marginalised, underrepresented voices in society.

In genres:
Closes 3 days from now
What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For poetry:
From 3 to 5 poems
For short stories:
Up to 1 story no more than 5000 words

FEED Submissions
Added 30 Aug 2020
Accepting submissions of Poetry and Short Stories

FEED currently accepts all submissions on a rolling basis.

All submissions must be single spaced in a single .doc/.docx or plain text format file. Files should be titled with the writer’s name and the submission’s genre (EX: NAME – GENRE).

Submissions should include a brief third-person biography of 75 words or less on the final page of the submission file. See genre specifications below for additional requirements:

  • Poetry – Send three to five unpublished pieces of poetry in a single document. Limit one poem per page; six pages maximum.
  • Prose – Send up to three unpublished pieces of short prose in a single document. Limit 750 words per piece; nine pages maximum.

FEED’s commitment to media that is mobile-friendly means that, unfortunately, we are unable to publish works that require special formatting, such as shaped poems or works that rely heavily on spacing. Pieces that are not format-compatible will be declined.

Simultaneous submissions are encouraged—just let us know via email ( if you wish to withdraw your submission.

We are humbled by each of our readers and submitters. While we are unable to pay contributors at this time, we remain committed to working with and promoting the works of our writers on FEED’s social media pages.

Submitters will generally hear from FEED editors within one to two weeks; please allow at least one month to pass before inquiring about submissions. We ask that authors wait three months before submitting further work to FEED for consideration; contributors are asked to wait six months.

What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For poetry:
Up to 5 poems or no more than 3750 words
For short stories:
Up to 3 stories no more than 750 words each

Added 22 Jul 2020
Accepting submissions of Poetry and Short Stories
  • We publish expressive writing, free writing, non-fiction, personal essay, memoir, reflective essay, poetry, prose, contemplative discourse, and creative non-fiction—all that originate from a writing prompt—by both established and emerging writers.

  • We do not accept fiction.
  • Word count is flexible, but the length should be no more than what can be generated in a 20-minute free-write.

  • We accept submissions throughout the year on a rolling basis.

  • We publish new content weekly. 

  • We do not accept previously published work.

  • Authors retain all ownership rights to your work.

  • You may re-publish work that appears in The Journal of Expressive Writing as long as you credit us for publishing it first.

  • Simultaneous submissions are fine, however, please let us know immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.

  • Your work may be very lightly copy-edited only for read-ability.

  • We reserve the right to reject writing if it does not adhere to the values and spirit of the journal.

What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For poetry:
No restrictions
For short stories:
No restrictions

Avon Open Submissions
Updated 21 Jul 2020
Accepting submissions of Novels

At Avon we publish some of the leading names in commercial fiction, including Sunday Times bestsellers C.L. Taylor, Scott Mariani and Sue Moorcroft, and digital chart toppers Phillipa Ashley, Lorna Cook, Mel Sherratt and Mandy Robotham. If you have a commercial novel you think might be of interest to us, we’d love to see it.

Please note that we can only consider full-length manuscripts and are unable to consider partial submissions. We can only consider submissions of 60,000 words or more.

What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
3 comparable authors
For novels :
Entire manuscript Expected final wordcount