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Latest opportunities
Added 28 Aug 2021
Accepting submissions of Poetry and Short Stories

Neon publishes dozens of writers and artists each year – all from unsolicited submissions. If you’ve got something which might fit the magazine, please read the guidelines below to find out how to get it published.

Before sending work for publication…

The best possible thing you can do to increase your chances of being accepted is to read the magazine! This is easy to do: the print edition costs less than a sandwich and a coffee (and ships to anywhere in the world) and you can set your own price for the instant-download digital edition.

Not only will reading the magazine give you the clearest possible idea of Neon‘s aesthetic, but by subscribingpurchasing a copy or donating you’ll be supporting one of the UK’s longest-running independent literary magazines.

On top of that, anyone who supports the magazine in any of these ways will receive expedited responses to submissions, complete with editorial feedback. If that’s something you’d value, please consider supporting the magazine before making your submission.

What we’re looking for

We prefer darker pieces, especially those with an element of the surreal or speculative, but are open to anything and like to be surprised.

Images, comics, and graphic poems are also welcome, as are self-contained extracts. If you have any doubts about whether something is suitable, go ahead and send it anyway.


Alternate issues of the magazine are themed. The theme of the next themed issue will be:


Please note in your cover letter if you think your work relates to this theme. Unthemed submissions are always welcome. There is no deadline for themed submissions; when a themed issue is full this page will be updated and any extant themed submissions will be considered for an unthemed issue.

How to submit

  • Include a covering letter
  • Include a third-person bio (up to 100 words)
  • Submissions are read by Krishan Coupland and Lee Mackenzie
  • Up to 6 poems, 5,000 words of prose, 10 images
  • Simultaneous submissions: okay
  • Reprints: welcome
  • One submission at a time, please

Send work to Please add this email address to your whitelist or “safe sender” list. If you don’t, you may not receive a reply.

Please query if you have received no response after six months (expedited submissions can expect a response within six weeks).


We ask for non-exclusive, one-time, worldwide rights to publish your work in print and digital formats, and then to archive it indefinitely.

We pay on acceptance, via PayPal, at these rates:

Prose: 2p per word
Poetry: 20p per line
Photography: £5 per image
Comics: £5 per page

What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For poetry:
Up to 6 poems
For short stories:
no more than 5000 words each

The West Review Submissions
Updated 11 Feb 2021
Accepting submissions of Articles Poetry and Short Stories

We consider submissions of poetry, prose, and art year-round. No affiliation to the US West Coast is necessary. Only previously unpublished writing will be considered for publication, but it is fine if art has been published elsewhere. We accept (and encourage!) simultaneous submissions, but please let us know immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere. 

Poetry Submissions
Please send up to seven (7) poems and include a cover letter and third-person bio in the body of the email. 

Here is a little more insight into what kind of poems we like.

Prose Submissions
Please send up to three (3) interviews, reviews, or prose poems/microflash (flash: under 500 words). Include a cover letter and bio in the body of the email. 

We believe writers should be paid for their labor. As such, we are happy to provide each writer with a small payment per each accepted poem/prose piece (paid via PayPal upon publication). We also, of course, promote all contributors, and we nominate for Best of the Net prizes.

What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For articles:
No restrictions
For poetry:
Up to 7 poems
For short stories:
Up to 3 stories

Issue 1: Open Call
Added 24 Jan 2021
Accepting submissions of Articles Novellas Poetry and Short Stories


A lover once said, Translation is an act of love. It’s like crossing a threshold, beginning a new cycle, words of faith whispered at the cusp of initiation, an invitation to feel the same.

the work

We want to see writing and art that demonstrates this grammar of exchange—what does it mean to give in to change, to renew, to remember, to make rituals out of moments and moments out of rituals.

How is the past visionary? Much like the nutrient rich detritus from which the verge is born a-new. To begin is never to start without. Each new cycle carries with it the wisdom & strength of past phases & progressions. What gifts are you bringing into this initiation? Like something of the past that continues to re-work its way to the surface; or the past we sacrifice to the future. Language as turf and terrain caught up in mineral sediment.

the process

* We encourage each artist to include a translation of their work. The translation can be done in a recognized language, or one you create (such as through ekphrasis). Artists can translate their own work, or work with a translator/collaborator.

It is our hope that each translated work opens up space for further understanding and empathy of other cultures, languages, and movements, while creating community between collaborators in the process.

If you are unable to translate your own work or find a collaborator, we will work with you. Please let us know if you would like a translator in the submission email.

* We welcome these styles and genres:

poetry / fiction / creative nonfiction / critical theory / articles / rituals / spells / essays / reviews / visual art / music / photography / translations / collaborations / performances / novellas / hybrid work

​* Send up to 5 poems or images and up to 10 pages of prose.

What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For novellas :
10 pages
For articles:
No restrictions
For poetry:
Up to 5 poems
For short stories:
No restrictions

Unnamed Standard Submissions
Updated 12 Jan 2021
Accepting submissions of Novellas Novels and Short Stories

Please look at our catalog to determine whether working with us would be a suitable match, both for your book and you!

Queries and submissions can be addressed to info @ unnamedpress DOT com. Due to the extremely high volume of submissions we receive, we cannot confirm receipt of every query. If we are interested we will contact you directly.

What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For novels / novellas :
Entire manuscript
For short stories:
No restrictions

Mobius 2021 Blog
Updated 08 Jan 2021
Accepting submissions of Articles

Mobius is a PR, marketing and distribution agency specialising in the arts with a specialism in theatre and dance. Well-regarded for our specialist knowledge and understanding of the sector, our blog, which sits within our website Is a hub for those working in the performing arts, hosting a mixture of opinion, advice, Interviews and first-person narrative. Articles are written by journalists, artists and other industry experts. 

We are seeking proposals for articles of approximately 600-800 words on a topic of interest to those working in the performing arts. It's an open brief and we're keen to hear ideas for new posts to be published in 2021. To be considered, please submit a synopsis of around 100 words setting out what you would write about and say briefly why it would appeal to our readers. 

We will pay £100 for any articles we commission and promote the published piece on our social media channels.

Here are some examples of the kinds of posts we've published In the past: 



What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For articles:
1 article between 100 and 1000 words