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Sylvia Hardie
Currently writing short stories based on my own experiences in my teens and early 20's Also poetry.

Sylvia Hardie is a 50 something widow and mother of four adults. 

She brings her experiences of the 80s and 90s to life in short stories and writes traditional poetry on all subjects.

Based in: United Kingdom

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Poetry by Sylvia Hardie
by Sylvia Hardie
When you loose someone you didn't understand
by Sylvia Hardie
I go out after lockdown and its all worse than before. The only changes are for the poorer and my spirit wanes.
by Sylvia Hardie
At times it can be difficult to leave the house, but when I force myself to do it, there are some rewards.
by Sylvia Hardie
Domestic violence. Its not very nice, but how does it start and how does it end?
by Sylvia Hardie
This explores life beside the river Don in Aberdeen. The relationship between man, nature and the river.
Stories by Sylvia Hardie
by Sylvia Hardie
I was a very trusting young woman at the time, but as a goth, it seemed people would just take advantage.
by Sylvia Hardie
Should I have a one night stand? My boyfriend was probably having one.
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