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Daniel David
A writer based in the UK. ‘Migration’ now available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

Although I've written for magazines and blogs for a number of years, I only began writing fiction in 2014. My first attempt was a slightly over ambitious story that requires an answer to the mystery of creation and the God question (I'm still working on it). To take a break from solving the riddle of the Universe, I began a short story about consciousness and the singularity (I know!), which took on a life of it's own, and became my accidental first novel, Migration. I first began thinking about the story in 2014, after reading an article on AI and the concept of digital immortality. At first, the idea that I might be around just long enough to upload my fading self onto a server somewhere, living forever as a digital entity with a lifetime of friends and family, filled me with enormous relief. It was only after thinking for some time about what this would involve, how we might then value our physical selves and which version of us would be in control, that I began to wonder if things will be as great as I had first felt. Although Migration is set in the future in a world shaped by digital possibilities, rich territory for science fiction and gadget porn, I always try to write a stories about people. Aside from writing fiction, I run Firestation Arts & Culture (now known as Fireythings) - an arts and entertainment organisation based in Windsor - and have published a fair amount of critical writing, interviews and culture features via Beat Magazine, Fireythings and Nesta.

Based in: United Kingdom
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Joshua and the Lost Soul

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Wait! Say it again. Slower this time. Shape it with your mouth and cradle it on your tongue. Lost.
by Daniel David
On the day that you came, the mist at first light lay heavily on the surface of the sea, an edgeless barrier of rose, lilac and emerald swirls.
by Daniel David
This darkness stretches out forever. Cold and terrifying. It reaches out in every direction.
by Daniel David
After making a fortune creating an app that leads users to the gates of heaven, time is running out for Nisha Drake
by Daniel David
At the edge of everything they wait and look. There is no name for them, but here they are.
by Daniel David
Georgie is vermillion. More than this. Georgie is frankincense. Georgie is nightingales. Georgie is hashish.
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