Zoom parties

A thought about the wild world of online interaction

by Naomi Wood
A 1 minute read

The storm rolled in so we took ourselves indoors.

Unpacked our bright colours

Onto screens and found

The pictures and sound in other dimensions.


And it makes me smile to see the view through other windows.

A homemade kind of kindness as we muddle through,

All out of our depth and hungry for connection.


We've never known what it's like

To see ourselves being seen.

Our world a seamless mirror

Refracted on the forest floor

As we modify our animal senses

To fit inside this box.


In a way it's just like real life

As we reinforce smiles

With the corrugated iron

Of our indoctrinated pleasantries


Reading between the lines for the cues

We don't dare open the doorway to our darkness

Pull up a chair for the hag

Who resides at our hearth for now.


Like some wild exotic birds

We dip and bow becoming mesmerised

By our reflections

And the strangeness of each other in 2D.


So near, and yet so beyond grasp.

We watch each other from the other sides of things.

A portal.

A promise of what could be to come.


It’s like we need to know that we are being seen somehow.

That our moments are marked.

That are days are not flying by unnoticed.

And always the crone in the corner.

Always an un-swept corner or carpet just out of sight...


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