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Accepting submissions of Novels
What you'll need to send:
Cover letter
For novels :
3 chapters
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Usual response time: 6 weeks


Authors are asked to send in a sample – the first 3 chapters and a one page synopsis of your book, by email only. We do not accept paper submissions or previously self-published work and these will be disposed of unread. No returns.

Please note we do not publish poetry, novellas, fantasy novels, and we no longer publish children's picture books.

We aim to read initial submissions within 6 weeks of receiving them. If we like what we see, we will then ask to read your full manuscript. After reading your manuscript we will decide whether we will consider the manuscript for publication.

Should we decide not to take your manuscript any further we will always try to provide constructive feedback although we can't always give you detailed reasons for our decisions. All decisions are final and no further correspondence will be entered into after this stage.

If we do wish to proceed with your work we will discuss fully our plans and timescales fully with you and at that point offer you a contract to publish.

Please be aware that agreeing to read your initial submission or the full manuscript does not constitute an offer to publish.

You can view a selection of the books we publish by visiting our online bookshop. If you wish to purchase one of our titles we are happy to offer you a new visitor discount using code WRITER150 at checkout.

This form will store your information as you go along, but won't be sent to Fledgling Press until you submit on the last page.